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Frey Cue Story

Bob Frey was born and raised in Maryland and still resides here in Catonsville, Maryland. When Bob was 6 years old he met a friend who he would latter go into business with, that friend was named Tim Scruggs. Bob and Tim both worked with machinery all their lives so when Tim Scruggs left Joss cues to start his own pool cue making business he asked Bob Frey to come into business with him. From 1977 to 1985 Bob Frey and Tim Scruggs created some of the most beautiful, well-made and sought after cues on the East Coast and soon around the world. Word caught on quick of the craftsmanship being put out from Tim Scruggs Cues and so began Tim’s reputation as one of the greatest cue makers ever. To this day Tim Scruggs Cues are getting harder and more expensive to acquire. If you have a Tim Scruggs cue that needs repair work please contact us, we have Tim’s blessing!

In 1986 Bob Frey Sr. had to leave his position of co-owner\master builder at Tim Scruggs Cues to be closer to home and his family needs. Bob bounced around doing construction but always had that desire to get back to his true love, building pool cues. After a work injury sidelined Bob he then decided to give the pool cue business another try. Bob then bought the equipment needed to build his unique style of custom cues and now famous Sneaky Pete’s.

Enter Bob Jr.

Business was going well so Bob needed some help, he enlisted his son Bob Frey Jr. who turns out also has the creative gene in his blood for creating unique pool cues. Bobby just finished a custom cue that was SOLD in 2 weeks after completion, it was a beauty and only $1300. Bobby is following in his father’s footsteps and has helped turn out some real beautiful sticks, approved and critiqued by dad of course, Bobby say’s “I learn something every day, the master makes sure I get it right..haha.” “ Sure, it is frustrating at times but dad focuses on every detail, do it right or don’t do it is his credo.”  “Seeing the pieces of art we hand make from start to finish  makes the hard work worth it. I plan to continue doing the same way for a long time, the “Frey Way”